13th Nov, 2011

Everyday life

Sunday, 13/11/2011

In the meantime everyday life has returned. As I still get up at the same time, but don’t walk George, I manage to be at the office at 7:15am. I leave the house earlier, but I also gain a quarter of driving time just because the roads are still empty at this time. But, I do not manage to leave work earlier, because the project I’m actually working on, does not permit leaving early.

The last weekends were dominated from our removel and the preparations, but yesterday I was strolling through Abergavenny, browse the market hall, have a coffee at Café One.

And today, Sunday, I’ll cook a Mangalore dish: “Kori Gashi”  (Chicken in a thick Coconut Gravy) for my two lovelies and me.

And this is, what the result looks like:

Kori Gashi from Mangalore
Kori Gashi from Mangalore